Why Us?

here in this Brooklyn apartment there no next of kin no friends no one just to call to Ron from the city government and rooms filled with despair this time the contract went to Ron’s company the tenant died of AIDS and cleanup could be hazardous Ron and his crew have the expertise to put closure to this man’s life all they know about him is that his name was Walter the person who had lived here was an aids HIV positive in full-blown AIDS this apartment was sealed for five months during that time insects and rodents have had free reign rat come on me the more Ron and his crew disturbed the surroundings the stronger the odors become this is a warning signal foul odors often accompany airborne contagions it gets worse as we start disrupting this stuff because it becomes airborne and that’s the same thing happens with you know bacteria and viruses and things of that nature if they were here they’d become airborne just like these odor molecules ER for this job the men wear lighter masks that contain a thin layer of charcoal as a filter comfortable they’re good for long jobs and extreme heat trade-off they’re not as effective at minimizing odor these are actual disposable respirators these will accomplish the same filtering as the other respirators at we go on too many other jobs really the reason were worried the protective gear really is just for our own you know self-protection self preservation of you go just from the bugs and the mice and you know things like that getting on us if you think about it this was someone’s life long be loggin or authority away their entire life right here and when you think about it matt says it’s pretty sad that they had no family or no one that wanted to come and take whatever was left over three hours into cleaning they know a lot about Walter but still no idea where he died I mean this person could have well died right there it could have been like this for months and months and months and you know I mean look there’s footprints even so you see that this spot here corresponds to the dark spot on the top layer of the blanket you tell them