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it’s a job no one would envy we do a broad spectrum of severe cleanups for sure RR 5 is probably an average joe’s 10 on a severity chart no doubt about it they walk into scenes few could ever conceive uh what’s the worst thing you can imagine honestly is what I asked him what’s the worst thing you can imagine and they’ll tell me a shotgun suicide I’ll say okay yeah shotgun suicide now the person hadn’t been found for six weeks they lived in filth they were a junkie they had an animal that was eating him for six weeks that animal died and then we get called that might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen I’m gonna be going through all the papers looking for all the job has work hazards like no other dismembered body parts toxic bodily fluids ooh body soil I think people find a lot of things difficult on jobs but primarily is exactly what you would think blood skull brain clumps of hair maggots all the insects is very shocking for the crime scene cleaners nausea is just part of the job I have to get it done I mean there’s not much of a choice as my rap on the line so I’m gonna get it done even if I’m puking in my respirator while I do it they face gross situations with a black sense of humor you say maggots I say money this is a job where you can either deal with it or you can’t you have to be strong in mind I mean most people think we’re crass because will joke about it and do you have to I mean there’s there are coping mechanisms that you’re equipped with and you either cope or you melt even all of that insulation this is a service few ones and know about you until they need it most have that tenant just see if the problem it’s one of those where you don’t want to think about it you don’t want to know about it unless little Johnny just blew his brains out your living room and then you want us there yesterday four-year veteran shawn clark faces a daunting task a man who left in front of a speeding train sean’s job is to rid the train of every piece of flesh every hair every drop of body fluid he comes every inch of the undercarriage looking for remains apparently this is where our person dove in front of the train so they do VIN between two cars as they were traveling about 50 miles an hour in between stations and so there is a tendency for people to explode when they get underneath the train and so there’ll be a lot of cast-off check this coupler here body parts have a tendency to get stuck in between them hands and that sort of thing it’s not uncommon to find actual pieces of finger and ears lips with nose and mustache on them